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AK47 Airsoft Gun

Tokyo Marui AK47S Airsoft Gun Review
It's important that you get a gun that suits your play style, so shop around and make sure you get the right one for you.
I personally use a Tokyo Marui AK47S. I have always preferred the looks of the AK to the M16, but I found the full stock AK47 to be a little on the heavy side for my quick play style. The obvious solution was the AKS: it has the same barrel length and internals as the standard AK but with a collapsible stock, making it shorter, lighter and therefore superior for close combat.
* Type: AEG
* Power: Electric
* Body: Full metal and wood
* Fps: 270
* Magazine: 2 x mid cap
What I love most about the gun is that it is probably the most powerful weapon you can use in one hand - this has been invaluable for my play style, as I can carry an objective in one hand and a full assault rifle in the other.
It's almost entirely metal, making it look the business. It also has a great metallic 'pop' when you fire it.
Unfortunately the foldable skeletal is fairly weak. I have lost a screw out of it at the moment and it feels like a good hit could bend it out of shape. I'm seriously considering removing the stock from the rifle to prevent any accidental damage.
Despite its small overall size, the AKS has one of the longest barrels in Airsoft, making it highly accurate. It also handles great - for a full assault rifle the gun is short and light and doesn't have that 'cheap' feel.
I have 600 round high-caps as standard, meaning you can lay down a monstrous amount of fire, but while the standard AK has room for a fat battery in the stock, the AKS has to hold a smaller one in the main body. This means batteries run out faster and the rate of fire is slightly lower.
It's a common theme that Airsoft players are never happy with what they've got and I'm no exception :)
I plan to replace the spring to up it's firepower, raising it's average fps (feet per second) of 270 to around 320 fps.
* Great build quality
* Short and light
* Long barrel makes it very accurate
* A powerful gun that you can use in one hand
* Great sounding!
* Weak skeletal stock
* Small handle/stock screws can become loose
* Slow fps
* Limited battery space
As you can see the cons are fairly minor and can all be made good. This is a great gun and it holds up well in a wide range of Airsoft games.
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